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RNLB Har-Lil Fender 2010

This is the recently completed fender from the RNLB HAR-LIL (OAKLEY CLASS-SELF RIGHTING).

The HAR-LIL was the Rhyl lifeboat from 1968-1990. I was given the pleasure of being able to repair this fender earlier in the year.

During its period as the Rhyl lifeboat the HAR-Lil made 104 launches which resulted in 28 lives being saved

As you can see from the before and after photographs the fender was in a very poor condition when I first received it via my good friends at Stiffkey, take a look here.

RNLB Robert Lindsay Fender 2008
RNLB Robert Linsey Fender

Above is the recently completed fender which is from the Liverpool class lifeboat the Robert Lindsay which was the Arbroath lifeboat from 1950-1953 and is now in private hands. I have recently had the pleasure of repairing this fender.

A sad note, on 27th of October 1953 six of the seven crew of the Arbroath lifeboat Robert Lindsay drowned when the boat capsized in Arbroath Harbour the story can be read here.

A local newspaper article covering the restoration projects for all of these lifeboats can be found here.

RNLB Ernest Tom Neathercoat Fender 2008
RNLB Ernest Tom Neathercoat

Above is the fender from the Ernest Tom Neathercoat an Oakley Class lifeboat which was based here in Wells from 1965-1990. This restoration has been made the more pleasurable by the fact that this boat that was once based here in Wells.

The Website for the Wells-next-the-Sea lifeboat can be viewed here.

On the 26/06/12 the RNLB Ernest Tom Neathercoat once again returned to Wells after its major restoration you can read the EDP article about its return here together with an excellent library of photographs taken on the day which can be seen here.

RNLB Horace Clarkson Fender 2008
RNLB Horace Clarkson

Above is the recently completed fender which is from the Rother class lifeboat the HORACE CLARKSON which was the Moelfre lifeboat in Anglesey from 1977-1988 and is now in private hands. I have recently had the pleasure of repairing this fender.

Photographs of the present day, restored RNLI Horace Clarkson can be viewed here.

Below you can see the preparation work I did before commencing the rope work on the fender.

RNLB Horace Clarkson Fender
RNLB H. F. Bailey Fender 1997
RNLB H. F. Bailey

In 1997 I was asked if I could make some new bow and stern fenders for the old Henry Bloggs lifeboat the H.F. Bailey ON777 (1935-45) which is the main attraction at the Cromer Lifeboat Museum (Photo taken in the old museum) on the sea front at Cromer, this I was very happy to do.

The reworking process of the fenders was a time consuming effort although very rewarding. All the materials required were supplied by the museum.

The above photo's show me working on one of the fenders at home in Wells-next-the-Sea and after fitting the finished stern fender to the H. F. Bailey on Tuesday the 22nd of July 1997 at the old Cromer lifeboat museum, another photo taken on the same day with my old chums at Cromer museum and showing the bow fender can be seen here.

Whilst in Cromer it is well worth visiting and touring the new purpose bult Henry Blogg Museum which now houses the H.F.Bailey.

The H.F. Bailey is now on the National Register of Historic Vessels (NRHV).

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